Ancient Wisdom for Modern Families A Nature-Based Approach to Understanding and Transforming Patterns of Behavior and Communication in Families

Facilitated by Linda Kohanov and Shari Montana

This two-part training is for therapists, social workers, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, equine-facilitated therapy practitioners, and other professionals who work with families in transition and crisis, including divorce, domestic violence and other complex cases. The workshop is also open to parents who are dealing with family challenges. Ancient Wisdom for Modern Families introduces an engaging and effective model for helping parents, their spouses, and their children learn how to recognize, reframe and alter unproductive behavior, belief, and communication patterns that inhibit families from leading loving, mutually supportive lives. Internationally-acclaimed author Linda Kohanov will join therapist Lauren Loos, MA, and Missoula-based equine facilitated learning practitioner Shari Montana to show how these innovative-nature-based principles can be translated to human situations where working with frightened, aggressive, abused, or potentially explosive children and adults calls for considerable finesse and empathy backed by non-predatory power.

Linda Kohanov developed the Ancient Wisdom for Modern Families model and accompanying workbook with author/psychologist Rebecca Bailey, PhD. As a trauma, abduction, and family reunification specialist, Dr. Bailey helps people recover from abuse, criminal acts, and divorce. While she has worked with hundreds of individuals and families in crisis, she is best known as the counselor who helped Jaycee Dugard reunite with her family after Jaycee was rescued in 2009 from a highly publicized 18- year abduction. (Proceeds for the sale of The Ancient Wisdom for Modern Families workbook go to the JAYC Foundation, which Jaycee founded to assist families in crisis. All participants in the Ancient Wisdom workshop will receive a copy of this workbook.)

The Ancient Wisdom model is based on five styles of power/social influence active in groups of humans and animals that can either work at odds with each other, or enhance the wellbeing of the entire "herd" or "tribe." "Most people prefer to use one or two roles, and ignore or even abdicate the others," Linda observes. "The tendency to overspecialize, however, gives rise to unproductive behaviors. But as my colleagues and I discovered in studies of power dynamics throughout history and across multiple cultures and species, there is another way."

Over the last four years, Linda has worked with Dr. Bailey to adapt this wisdom specifically for families in conflict and transition. Linda and Rebecca now tour together and separately to share this model with therapists, law enforcement personnel, and others who work with families in crisis and transition, as well as with the parents and children themselves.

For the Missoula workshop, Linda will team up with longstanding colleagues Lauren Loos, MA, and Shari Montana, both of whom have worked extensively with this model in different contexts: as an in-office counseling and psycho-social learning tool, and as an powerful equine- facilitated experiential learning modality. The Missoula workshop is a two- part event. In Part One, on Wednesday, September 27, participants will learn how the model and accompanying workbook can help parents and children learn to employ these roles effectively. During the optional Day Two segment on Thursday, September 28, Linda, Lauren and Shari will demonstrate how families can quickly become more proficient in the productive behaviors of each role through experiential learning activities with horses. For an in-depth description of the Ancient Wisdom model:

"Empowered families are crucial to protecting their loved ones to begin with, for helping survivors of extreme experiences heal, and for leading the kind of cultural change that prevents violence. The Ancient Wisdom model provides a unique and often even fun way for people to learn more constructive ways of handling everyday challenges as well as the more difficult situations that families sometimes encounter." Rebecca Bailey, PhD.

For Info/ Registration: For an in-depth description of the Ancient Wisdom model:

Where: MontanaQuest EGS & Horse Sanctuary • River Pines Farm • 120 River Pines Road • Missoula, Montana 59804

Hours: 10 am to 5pm daily

Cost: One Day: $175 or Both days: $275, Lunch and Materials included.

Local Contact: Shari Montana • 406-207-6105

For Assistance Registering: 520-205-1107 • Contact Eponaquest