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Since 1984 we have been taking in neglected, abused and traumatized horses; we provide a forever home, care for them in their old-age and allow them to live their last years in peace and dignity. We offer food, shelter, vet-care and a job – the horses in turn create sanctuary for humans who come to experience and learn in our workshops. We also take in goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, and others.

We offer all these animals sanctuary in gratitude for generously giving us their non-judgmental acceptance, teaching service, leadership skills, unconditional love and we are ever-grateful for their living examples of how we can join with their herd or flock and carry our experiences into our families, workplace and community.

Horses help us discover hidden parts of ourselves, whether we're seven or seventy. They model relationships that demonstrate acceptance, kindness, honesty, tolerance, patience, justice, compassion, and forgiveness. Horses cause all of us to become better people, better parents, better partners, and better friends.

Horses can be our greatest teachers, for horses have no egos, they never lie, they're never wrong and they manifest unparalleled compassion. It is this amazing power of horses to heal and teach us about ourselves that is accessible to anyone. This work is for anyone who wants to experience the joy, wonder, self-awareness and peace of mind that comes from creating a horse/human relationship – sign up for our e-mail list or go to our website listings under workshops to read about upcoming sessions, seminars and individual study opportunities to learn from our amazing horses!